Fit to Fly Antigen Lateral Flow
Fit to Fly Antigen Lateral Flow
Fit to Fly Antigen Lateral Flow
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Fit to Fly Antigen Lateral Flow

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• Easy-to-use, self-contained at home test kit
• No laboratory required, results within 15 minutes
• Fits in your suitcase
• Includes video verification and travel certificate within 24 hours
FDA authorised pre-departure COVID-19 test for UK travellers flying to destinations accepting antigen test results for Fit to Fly certificates.

Suitable for anyone travelling to a country that accepts negative lateral flow antigen test results for Fit to Fly certificates. This FDA authorised lateral flow antigen test will confirm whether you are currently infected with coronavirus (COVID-19).

Only a select number of countries are accepting lateral flow antigen tests for pre-departure Fit to Fly certificates. Click here to see the current list


Credentials from Public Health England’s Porton Down laboratory, validating the test through phase 2 and phase 3 evaluations

Side by side comparison testing by NHS Trust and Lund University in Sweden confirm that our LFD test is the No.1 nostril test for accuracy.

Sensitivity of 97.1% as evidenced by research done in San Diego, California on a clinical trial on 170 positive samples. Specificity >99% and overall accuracy of 98.8%.

Ease of use:

The test has received the CE Mark and MHRA registration for self-test. The first to be issued for the UK market. Allowing all employees and individuals to test themselves easily and accurately.

A genuine anterior nares swab sample test, which is far easier to use than the plethora of nasopharyngeal/oropharyngeal tests also available; our test does not require a medical professional.

The swab is taken from 1-2 cm in the nostril, it is completely painless and non-invasive.

Other tests have tried to modify their manufacturing recommendations from nasopharyngeal to an anterior nares swab, but do not have the scientific data to display that this sampling method correlates to sufficient accuracies on their test.

Our lysis solution is already pre-packed into tubes. Other tests have 2 larger bottles of liquid per 25 tests. Our pre-filled tube vials significantly reduce the time taken to perform the test and the risk of cross-contamination, as liquid is not measured and decanted into tubes on a tube stand.

Further comments:

Our test has proven to have no cross-reactivity for other diseases and coronaviruses. It will only detect the antigen for the novel coronavirus CoV-SARS-2.

Detects ALL known Variants with NO accuracy drop off. Our test detects the nucleocapsid protein, other antigen tests detect just the S spike protein. Therefore, with new variants, the S spike protein mutates, other tests may run into difficulties detecting other variants. Our test will be able to detect any variant of CoV-SARS-2 with the exact same efficacy.

Box Contains :

  • 1 Individually sealed test cassettes
  • 1 Individually sealed disposable lower nostril swabs (1-2cm into lower nostril)
  • 1 Pre filled buffer tubes (Huge timesaving & stops wastage of fluid)
  • Instructions

This test is very simple to administer. Differing from your usual nasopharyngeal lateral flow COVID-19 test as the test only needs to enter the lower nostril therefore, reducing discomfort without compromising on accuracy.

The test only requires a 1-2cm nostril swab unlike the standard 9-10cm swab into the rear nasal canal used in other kits.

This test is also being used exclusively by the UK airport testing centres such as Heathrow Terminal 2 & 5, along with large multi-national companies.

The Austrian government has ordered these tests for home use for schools:

The Hughes test is different to other tests for these key reasons:-

Industry-leading accuracy. The UK Government Public Health England, Porton Down Laboratory, which reviews all lateral flow tests for the DHSC/UK Government, has validated our test to have exemplary accuracy at multiple viral loads, including for asymptomatic patients, and across the new different variants.


How it works.

Follow this simple guide to administer our Lateral Flow Test. The test takes no more than 15 minutes to complete.


  1. Open and use the swab to gently rotate inside the nostril.
  2. Insert the swab into the buffer tube containing 2ml of Lysis Solution. 
  3. Stir the swab in the solution and press to the bottom of the bottle.
  4. Add 3-4 drops of the solution onto the test card and await result.

Anterior nares nostril swab. Our swab only has to go 1-2cm into the nostril, all other nasopharyngeal tests have to be performed by a doctor and need to go 9-10 cm deep into the nasal cavity. Our test is a true nostril swab test and has only ever been designed as such, other tests will try to modify their test to include the nostril swab, but have do not have the clinical evidence to support that adjustment. Innova have claimed their test can be performed on the nostril wall despite being a nasopharyngeal test and as evidenced, you get the result of 40-50% accuracy in both Birmingham and Liverpool. Healgen are another provider that are trying to claim that their test can be done in the nostril however have no clinical reports done with this swab mechanism which will incur significant inaccuracies.

The easy to use format of the test makes it extremely easy to test with ease.

Product component quality. Our lateral flow test has a unique patented sensitivity enhancement system in our test cassette. Whilst all other cassettes use the colloidal gold method, which is significantly less sensitive for detecting the CoV-SARS-2 antigen. This is in part what allows our test to be so accurate across any specimens and sample collection method.

Component quality. All of our components, including our comfortable swab, our lysis vials, and the box with which the single tests come in, are extremely well made and are designed to be as easy as possible to use. Every aspect of the test is that of a blue chip high quality product.